Games Coaching Package

We offer individual and group coaching services in a variety of languages, including English, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.

Mathematical & Abstract
Strategy Games Tutoring

Preparation for tournaments of mathematical games (specifically aimed at high potential students)

  • Personalized coaching
  • One-on-One or Group sessions
  • Everywhere in Switzerland

Training Contents

Mathematical Games

  • Optimizing calculations
  • Pythagorean triplets
  • Extraction of square root
  • Finding the area of a triangle knowing its sides
  • Revisiting Erone’s formula
  • Remainders of a^b mod c
  • And more

Abstract Strategy Games

  • Chess: basic strategies
  • The territorial game of Go
  • Gomoku: from axioms to theorems
  • Hex: easiness of a Nobel Prize game
  • Epaminondas: phalanxes at war
  • Rithmomachia: medieval chess with numbers
  • 4D tic tac toe: playing in the 4th spatial dimension
  • The game of logic, by Lewis Carroll
  • Quoridor: a labyrinthic game
  • And more

Games Coaching - FAQ

What is the minimum age to start strategic or mathematical game coaching?

We recommend a minimum age of 6 years for abstract strategy games and 8 years for mathematical games.

Can I suggest my favorite strategic or math games?

Yes, you are free to recommend your favorite games. We will then review them together to ensure they match the educational objectives.

Do students already need to have a basic knowledge of the games offered?

Absolutely not. No prior knowledge is necessary for this type of coaching.