Cesco Reale

Cesco Reale has been a GMAT coach for many years. He also teaches similar tests such as SAT, GRE, etc. He was in the Italian and Swiss national teams of mathematical games, winning bronze for Italy and placing 5th in Switzerland. He is a well known maths communicator who is very active in festivals, exhibitions and conferences.
Moreover, Cesco is a world famous language coach and hyperpolyglot who has taught GMAT in English, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. For these reasons he is in a unique position, being a great coach for both the mathematical part and the verbal part. He is a collaborator of Abalance, Swiss company specialised in strategy games.

More about him:

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GMAT Zurich

Nicholas Barnard is the founder of GMAT Zurich. He has worked in consulting, strategy, and venture capital in Europe, the US, and Latin America. He worked as a lecturer at HWZ in Zurich before leaving to run GMAT Zurich full time.

Fun facts:

  • He worked for European Space Agency in satellite navigation and was a keynote speaker for the agency
  • He was an analyst in the first Latin American VC based in Rio de Janeiro
  • He grew up working in luxury hotels in the Caribbean as a sailing instructor